The Night Before Christmas (An Ode to the Homer)

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This is it. The big night. I’ve been holding in all my homer exuberance… until now. I can’t stand it one moment longer.

I took an emotional hiatus last year in the wake of the giant shaft SMU took from the NCAA. (Hey NCAA joker’s, when are those UNC’s sanctions for systematic cheating over decades coming down that you’ve been “investigating” for five years? Oh right, probably after everyone stops caring.) It was probably SMUs most veteran, experienced and talented team ever, and we had to watch them sit it out. It was painful. Then the greatest basketball coach ever, Larry “the godfather” Brown leaves us, and I was left unsure if I could take anymore emotional abuse at the hands of my Alma Mater.

Guess what… I’m back for more. It just hurts so good. Tomorrow is better than Christmas in my book. My boys in red and blue will have their shot at bringing home a title, redemption for them, and more importantly, redemption for all of us. The die hard, bang your head against the wall, believe against all odds kind of SMU fans. You say we are a glutton for punishment… I say we are on the verge of redemption. You heard it here first… Fuck the NCAA boys, burn that house down, bring home that title.

Go Red! Go Blue! Go Mustangs! S!M!U!

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