Over the past eight years 63Games has contributed over $10,000 to our TEAMMATES.  Our Teammate’s, first and foremost, have had spirit and a passion for their challenge.  We never have to go far from our roll’s to find a participant who is taking on a challenge themselves or is working with others who are.  It’s a great pleasure to help our small community of basketball followers.  On behalf of our TEAMMATES we thank everyone who has participated over the 25 years.


2017 Teammate


Kenya Court Base

The Word of Life Youth Centre, located in Diani, Kenya, promotes Christianity through their school and regular youth programs.  The kids are always up for a game of basketball and have been playing on a deteriorating court for many years.  Jason Cherish, longtime 63Games particpant, has been working in Kenya for over three years and has built relationships around the coastal region.  63Games will be resurfacing the court and suppling new backboards and rims for the school.  In the early years of 63Games many of the original founding players (still kids at the time) hoop’d on a court called the “Court of Joy”.  It is fitting that we will be building a new court of joy for some great kids in Kenya.



Zachs 2013-2016

Zach’s Wishes, named in honor Zachary Mesch, is a organization that is providing wishes to young adults between the ages of 18 – 23.  Wishes granted provide once in a lifetime opportunities to those who are battling life threatening diseases and illnesses.  In 2015 Zach’s Wishes will look to grant three wishes.  63Games’ support will generate nearly 100% of one of those wishes.

Zach’s Story

Zachary Walter Mesch was a wonderful inspiration to all those who he met. Zach was first diagnosed with Lymphoma when he was 16. At the time, he was a cross country runner at Pomona High School in Arvada, Colorado. While undergoing treatment, he was given the gift of a family cruise by The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado. Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. They certainly enriched Zach’s life. His family’s life was made richer when his brother Kevin, and sister, Maddi were able to attend Camp Wapiyapi. Wapiyapi is a Colorado based nonprofit organization that offers a community of hope and support to families affected by childhood cancer. Zach later became a counselor at Wapiyapi. It was during his treatment that he met Megan Garcia. After their first date where he wore a powder blue tuxedo to Megan’s prom, their love began to blossom. In November 2007 Zach was declared cancer-free. He and Megan graduated in the spring of 2008 and headed off to college. Both chose to attend Wichita State University (WSU) where Zach performed as the University’s mascot, WU. Zach joined Sigma Phi Epsilon and majored in Political Science. In November of 2009 Zach returned from WSU for the Thanksgiving holiday covered in bruises. A trip to The Children’s Hospital confirmed a diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). During his stay in the hospital his family and friends came together for a fund raising walk and run to help offset the family’s medical costs associated with his treatment. Zach loved the walk, and those who gathered to support him and his family. He wished that the walk would become and annual event to benefit other kids who were in similar situations as his in the future. Zach battled ALL courageously for the next seven months until his passing early on the morning of July 4th, 2010. This organization is dedicated to Zach’s memory and his desire to help other kids with cancer. His mom, Valerie, and dad, Tim, started Zach’s Wishes for Miracles to honor his memory. Along with Megan, and all his friends and family, we invite you to join with us in honoring Zach’s memory.




NMFA Header


National Military Family Association Logo

In 1969, our Association was founded by a handful of military wives who wanted to make sure their widowed friends were properly taken care of. Two short years later, the Survivor Benefit Plan became law, and the Association has been hard at work ever since. A small, but determined, group of spouses around a kitchen table has expanded into a strong force of military families representing all ranks and Services.

Today, our team is comprised mainly of military spouses and former military members. We walk the walk and talk the talk on a daily basis. We are advocates and subject matter experts in the area of military family needs, issues, and benefits.

For more than 45 years, we’ve continued the mission of those military wives, dedicating our efforts to making sure all military families feel empowered, resilient, and taken care of.


Boots and Girl
Mary Lynn Stevens

Mary Lynn Stevens, currently the Vice Chairman for the National Military Family Association, has been a long time 63games participant.  This year we are supporting her organization and her unwavering support for our military soldiers and their families.  Thank you Mary for the work you have done and good luck this year!






Blaisi Mae Adams was born on March 10th, 2011. She was born with Down Syndrome and has many health issues as a result. When Blaisi was 8 months old she had to have open heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart.  The doctors told us to expect to be in the hospital for 2 weeks but Blaisi had plans of her own. After six days we were released from the hospital and all things looking great. One of the doctors said “Blaisi, you are quite the ROCKSTAR.” She has been our little Rockstar ever since.

On April 1st, 2014 Blaisi was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This news hit us hard and it just didn’t seem fair to our little girl who has already been through so much. We prepared for this fight against cancer, but I’m not sure anyone can be ready for what this disease can do to your child. The first 6 months she had weekly chemotherapy treatments along with spinal lumbar chemo. She was very sick from the chemo and lost so much weight. Her body wasn’t able to fight off infections resulting in spending over 70 days in the hospital to date (Xmas) At one point she was in ICU for two weeks, sedated and on a ventilator to fight off a flu virus. She has had to have many blood and platelet transfusions and will have monthly chemo treatments for the next two years. She is still having a hard time fight off infections and common colds. To date, she has had 5 surgeries to replace her Hickman port.

Through it all, Blaisi continues to be an inspiration to so many. Even on the toughest of days she can manage a smile and let us know that she will never give up. We still have a long road ahead of us to recover but we know that we will beat this horrible disease. After all she is a Rockstar.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be apart of this amazing group.  Funds received will go to the Blaisi Mae Adams Fight Against Leukemia fund to help offset all her medical bills. If you would like, you can follow her journey on her facebook page, Blaisi Mae “Rock-Star”




            My name is Maggie Kierl.  I am twelve years old and a student at St Thomas Aquinas.  I am on Honor Roll, a member of ASTEM and a community volunteer.  For the past 5 years I have been a competitive cheerleader at Omega All Stars in Park City, Kansas.  My team travels throughout the Midwest competing against some of the best gyms in our region.  Last year we traveled to Dallas Texas to compete at NCA where we went up against teams from across the United States.  It was an amazing experience to represent our small town from Kansas.  It was even more amazing when our small gym from Park City, Kansas won first place.  This season we have continued to improve our skills, push ourselves athletically and represent our State proudly.  On December 14th my cheer team, the Omega Titans, performed in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Athletic Nationals.  Our team earned a bid at this competition to compete in Orlando Florida at Disney World.  This competition is called The Summit.  The Summit takes place on May 3rd and May 4th, 2014.  The climb to The Summit is underway! I have four short months to raise money to fund this great opportunity.  My goal is to raise $1,500 to cover the cost of my fees and travel expenses. While this is a great opportunity, it is very expensive, which is why I am reaching out to members of my community. The Summit is the chance to do what I love with the best athletes in the WORLD! Up until this point we have only competed against teams in the U.S.  The Summit takes our experience to the highest level.  It is truly the most prestigious event in our organization.  The opportunity to be a part of 63games will help fund my dream.   I am excited for the opportunity to raise money for The Summit as well as promote and participate in the Zach’s Wishes Run in April.  I am excited about the possibilities for everyone involved and eager to help.  I appreciate everyone’s support and the opportunity to be a part of 63games.  Thank you for the opportunity to make my wish come true.




Sicily Zeka was diagnosed with bi-lateral Wilms Tumor in August 2008 at the age of 3. After a courageous 19-month battle she went to heaven on March 21, 2010, just shy of her 5th birthday. Sicily was a beautiful, fun, vibrant and outgoing little girl who touched many lives in her short life. She was active, loving any kind of sport with a ball, and riding her bike and scooter made her happy! She also loved running, thus the Sicily Zeka Memorial Scholarship Run held annually in Wellington, KS, is a fitting tribute to her. Sicily left behind her loving parents Patrick and Kerry, two brothers, Corinthian and Elias, and sister Isabella. Also her grandparents and many aunts and uncles and cousins. She is missed by all, but definitely not forgotten.  During one of Sicily’s many chemo treatments she declared that she wanted to be a chemo nurse! She was such a good patient even though she was only 3-4 years old, and respected nurses and doctors and let them do their jobs. Since Sicily loved to run, the idea of a memorial run was easily decided, and the scholarship idea followed.

In memory of Sicily, each year until Sicily would have graduated from high school in 2023, a graduating Wellington High School senior who exemplifies the most important qualities found in the leaders and caregivers in the medical field and research labs around the world, will be awarded a scholarship to support his or her first steps towards a career in medicine.

Come join us for fun, fellowship and a great cause!



About Wilms Tumor

  • Wilms Tumor is a solid tumor of the kidneys that arises from immature kidney cells.
  • It is the fourth most common type of pediatric cancer.
  • Approximately 460 new cases of Wilms Tumor are diagnosed each year in the United States, and 1 in 8,000-10,000 children are affected.
  • Average age at diagnosis is about three years.
  • Less than 1% percent of patients with Wilms Tumor have multiple tumors in one or both kidneys.




2013 Man of the Year Candidate




Braden Wilson has overcome many battles with his mitochondrial disorder, known as Leigh’s Disease (non-genetic).  His journey is an inspiration to many us all.  He is loved by his parents Kodi and Brad and followed by many.  Braden is nearing his seventh birthday this April.  Follow Braden’s journey online with his blog or on Facebook.



In 2011 a three year effort to endow a scholarship at Wichita State University in Nathan Forrest’s name reached it’s goal.  The scholarship, due in part to many generous donations, was endowed.  Whereas we played a small part, it will still that extra effort to help push the effort across the finish line.  His story and gift will continue on for many years to come.


Nathan’s Story

 Nathan’s love of flying started at a very early age. His first flight was in a Cessna 180 at the age of three months. Nathan was raised at Cedar Airpark Airport, in Olathe, Kansas, a privately owned, public use grass strip airport. He ran the ground operations and assisted with the family banner tow operations from a very early age. As soon as he had his commercial license, he started flying banners. He soloed a glider at 14 and received all of his licenses as soon as he was old enough to meet the minimum age requirements. Nathan held a Commercial Pilots License (airplane single and multiengine land, instrument airplane glider), Ground Instructor with Advanced Instrument, Certified Flight Instructor (Airplane single and multiengine; instrument airplane; glider), with over 3000 flight hours, Mechanic (Airframe Power plant) and Inspection Authorization. When he was only 17 he was a part of the ground support team for three seasons with the World Aerobatic Team which took him to Slovakia, Oklahoma City and France. During his first and only aerobatic contest, at age seventeen, he won second place. He looked forward to one day owning his own plane so he could continue to compete in aerobatics. Nathan graduated from Olathe North High School in 1999 where he played both football and baseball and was a member of the Debate team.

When Nathan made the decision to attend Wichita State University there was no doubt that it was because of his intent to earn a degree in Aerospace engineering. Faculty, staff, and fellow classmates always held Nathan in high regard on campus. Mike Groat 727 said of Nathan, “We were on the same senior design team and spent a lot of long hours at school together.  I always figured our paths would cross again.  My long term plans of building my own aerospace launch company included Nathan as a partner.  I can’t think of anybody I would want on my team more than him.  He was at the top of our class in engineering, one of the best and most experienced pilots I had ever flown with, the leader and the most accountable guy on our team.” He received many honors while attending Wichita State and he graduated Magna Cum Laude at Wichita State University in 2003 receiving his Aerospace Engineering degree. A tremendous feat when you consider that he completed his degree while being heavily involved in campus life, extracurricular activities, and working his way thru college doing flight instruction in his Clipped Winged J-3 Cub. But it was really to no one’s surprise. “In class Nathan was exemplary. He knew the world of Aerospace backwards and forwards. And he was always on top of his responsibilities and relationships. He was also known for calling the late evenings short by saying, Guys… I have to fly tomorrow morning.” Marcus Hart 783 said of his best friend Nathan. His efforts and character in the classroom spilled over into his other love, SigEp. Nathan joined SigEp during his freshmen fall in 1999. And it wasn’t long before those around him knew the type of man he was becoming. Brian Wilson 775 said of Nathan, “I felt very privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know Nathan. Through our time in the chapter as classmates and leaders I was in awe of Nathan’s academic abilities and rock solid decision making. In the chapter house you didn’t have to second guess Nathan’s judgment, given the facts and the situation you could always trust that he would make the right choice. When he finished his term as Chaplain in 2001 it was with no doubt that he had become one of the finest Chaplains in KS Eta’s history.” Nathan could always be found studying or hanging out at the chapter house doing what was right. One particular night at the chapter house, after a considerable amount of alcohol and boredom, a few guys decided it would be a good idea to start lighting things on fire. As it was there were many flammable things sitting on the back porch and we went through them rather quickly. Someone had the bright idea to pick up a can of gasoline that was lying about after the grass had been cut. As the gas was about to be poured on the already burning fire, Nathan swept in and eliminated the fire with one pull on the extinguisher. Not only had he used the fire extinguisher for its intended purpose, a rarity at the SigEp house, he most likely saved the house and the eyebrows of several brothers. Brian added to the story by saying, “That was Nathan in a nutshell. No matter the situation he always did the right thing. He was the only brother of many that decided we had had enough fun and we were getting a little ridiculous that night.” In the summer of 2003, following graduation, he was employed by Adam Aircraft as an aeronautical engineer and test pilot in Colorado. In May of 2006 he joined Spectrum Aeronautical in Spanish Fork, Utah as the Deputy Chief of Flight Operations. It was the type of position that he was very interested in and one that many felt he was too young to hold. But that was nothing new to Nathan. He had been told numerous times throughout his life that he was too young. And maybe that is why he excelled in so many areas in life. His abilities, knowledge, and confidence always exceeded his age. He had been achieving great things in aviation since he was born. We all lost our breath and a tremendously great friend this past summer when we heard the news. Nathan Forrest at the young age of 25 was tragically killed while test flying a Spectrum 33 aircraft on July 25, 2006 at Spanish Fork, UT. Nick Stone 741, one of the 25 plus brothers in attendance at his funeral, said, “This is a tough loss for everyone and we will never forget the impact he had on all of our lives.” His mother, Pat Hockett, puts it best when remembering Nathan. “He had a strong faith in God. Nathan was gallant, incorruptible, admired, and respected. And he will be deeply missed by all of the friends and family whose lives he touched.”


Our first Teammate, Melissa Traffas, was supporting the Leukima and Lymphoma Society of Kansas and was a candidate for the Kansas Chapter’s Woman of the Year.