Most Likely to Be Crowned Champion in 2017

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Everyone says it’s their year… Including me. But you need some extra clout if you want the respect among your peers.  I’ve placed the target… now go get’m field.




Dennis Paresa

Dennis has entered 21 brackets over the years.  He averages 11 Sweet Sixteen and 5 Elite Eight teams correctly on each bracket. This stat shows his amazingly consistent mid range knowledge.   He’s aided this year by the absence of Washington State, his alma mater.   Without the distraction of heart, he can hone in the on the correct final four and finally crack the code and be crowned champion.



Megan Barber

It’s Megan’s 10th Anniversary this year.  She correctly picks the national champion nearly 50% of the time and had a career best finish of 5th place in 2010.   She’s married to Marcus Barber, and there is no doubt that she has had to endure the pressure of his former championship for the duration of their relationship.  It’s time for her to put that BS behind and take the crown for herself.  Last year she excelled with bonus points.  If she can match the bonus points with the national champion she could be our 25th champion.



David Luttrell

Has never won a single dime in 63Games.  Dedicated as they come.  He is a lifer and has been in every year since 1992.  Pops is due like no other.  The man has finished just outside of the top 15 the last two years.   He’s been retired for a few years now and his knowledge is expanding annually.  Look out for the STACHE this year.  He has promised to shave the mustache for the rest of his life if he takes the crown.   (Not really… it’s his brand)

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DeAndre Brown

I’ve known DeAndre since the days of Hollywood Heights.  (Wichita Heights High School)  He’s entered 63Games for the first time!  It’s been over a decade since a rookie took the crown.  DeAndre is an intelligent, smooth, “keepin his bracket together”, baller.  He’s got KU winning it all.  It will be a tough road to win the crown with so many people picking KU… but don’t count this rookie out.


Jay Maxwell

The only thing larger than his referral base to 63Games is his appetite for competition.  This Ohio State and Wichita State graduate doesn’t have to pick a side this year.  He’s all in for the shockers.  With the clear mind he should have no problem with the picks.  In his six years he has averaged nearly 6 out of 8 elite eight teams correct.  With that kind of power it keeps him in the hunt deep into March.



Known as “CATALINA” in 63Games  has four top 100 finishes and an 11th place in 2009.  She’s scored over 90 points in half of her brackets and is 10th all time in second round scoring and 20th in all time scoring.  She’ been dormant the past two years… in some covert training I presume.  She’s as solid as they come when the brackets come out.  Look for this master to return with a swing for the top.




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