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All year long my alma mater, Wichita State University, has been promoting the twitter hashtag #WATCHUS. A great marketing idea and I believe it’s made the Shocker nation stronger this year.  However, for the first time in my life I have actually listened to more Shocker games than I have watched.

Reason 1:  In 2010 Kristen and I decided to cancel our cable subscription.  A decision that was certainly tough at the beginning, but now it’s really not that big of a deal.  We get our entertainment and news through the web, netflix, or hulu.  Significantly cheaper and less time in front of the television than we did before.  That decision only hurts when we can’t access the cable channel that shows the Wichita State games.  I have dilligently tried to find good avenues through the internet and got stonewalled so many times that i gave up.

Reason 2: In 2010 Kristen and I decided to let our season tickets go.  With a second child in the house both time and money kept us from making the games.  Hurts every home game!

Reason 3: Have missed home game opportunities with friends due to work travel.

Thank goodness for KNSS 1330, Mike Kennedy, and Dave Dahl.  I feel like we are family this year.  #LISTENtoUS.  I coined it… look for a T-Shirt soon.  I’ve mostly listened at home but twice listened to the radio app on my phone, plugged into the truck, listening on the highway going 70mph.  So I might be on radio… but it’s still 2013.

Let’s look at why I should probably stick to listening as the tournaments begin.  I went to my only Shocker game this past week with my Aunt.  The Shockers Stunk!!!!  I felt the blame all game long.  Then I got to watch them on cable against Creighton on Saturday.  The Shockers were ok but Creighton played the game of their year.  I felt the blame all game long.

Superstitious perhaps… but don’t make me watch another game if I am not feeling it.




  1. Great job Lukester!!!!!!! Hope the Shox, JHawks and even the KKats all make the big dance…..March has many memories for me…..and as wacky as the parity has been this year, maybe its my time my WACKY picks come true to be crowned 63games CHAMP!!!

  2. I love it, Luke. On the other hand, being able to watch the Shockers on ESPN 3 has been great for us down in Tulsa. There’s no way we could actually go to the games, so watching them online has been our only option. But knowing I can listen on my phone will make me even more eager to get as much time in as I can. #LISTENtoUS

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