How to fix college basketball

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I know, I know, it’s March.  The best time of the year!  This is not the time to be thinking about fixing college basketball, this is the time to be celebrating!  We’re days away from David getting his shot at Goliath.  The increase in 15 v 2 and 14 v 3 upsets should make us all feel like this is on the right path.

I usually feel the same way.  Until TCU upset KU yesterday.  Die hard KU fan?  No.  But somehow, TCU has now become a “next four out” team.  Add to that wound a couple KSU wins and suddenly they are a “last four in” team.  Those teams are a combined 14-22 in their conference!  How on earth is there even a discussion about them in the tournament if they don’t win the Big 12 tourney?  If they win the auto bid, I’ve got no problem with it.  this idea of playing yourself in by playing the same people who have beat you to a pulp for the past three months is insane!  And don’t get me started on Syracuse.  So, I propose a couple ideas to improve the greatest event in sports.

  1. Any team under .500 in conference is not eligible for at large consideration.  Again, if you go 6-12 in the Big 12, TCU you are not one of the best 68 teams in the country.
  2. Re-create Bracket Busters but do it right this time.  Aaron, I thought we already did this and it got cancelled?  We did, but like usual the Power 5 did it in a way to hose the little guy.  It became a mid major elimination tournament.  This time, the Power 5 and the next five RPI rated teams have to commit to playing one home and one away game.  I don’t need the elites in this tournament.  KU and UK, stay at home.  Same with you UNC and Duke.  But, send GT, KSU, OU, Wake, Illinois.  I’ll put up Illinois State, Belmont, Davidson, and BYU.  The at large bids always come down to middle of the road name recognition school versus little guy with super gaudy record. So, let’s create an eliminator tournament.  Again, one home and one away so this isn’t a way for big boys to stuff their pockets.  Gets to the really answering the questions about at-larges and creates spice to the regular season.  I don’t need the majority of the Big 12 vs SEC challenge anyway
  3. Any conference not involved in the above new bracket buster gets to send their regular season champ and their tourney champ.  Belmont take your 22-6 record along with the fact that you won your conference by 5 games and grab some popcorn.  Jackson State got hot at the right time and you won’t be dancing.  There can’t be anyway you’re better than 19-13 Wake, 18-14 Syracuse, or 20-12 KSU.  Just can’t happen.

Those are my ideas folks, how would you tweak the best tournament in sports?


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