It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years.  Ask a 13 year old what life will be like at 38 and you’ll get a blank stare.  Ask him what his tournament pool will be and you’ll get the same response.

Thank you

 It really has been fun to run this pool and give friends and family a reason to get excited about college basketball.  It’s been great to take this activity and participation and help support our community.  As you know it’s my favorite sport and I do this all out of enjoyment for the tournament and the sport.  Back when the pool started with just 18 entries in 8th grade at Pleasant Valley Middle School I thought it was just a small fad among us ball players (plus my dad and brother).  Only 7 of us played 2-3 brackets each.  Once High School came the pool expanded slightly as more people became aware of it and by the end of the nineties through Wichita State and SigEp we had picked up more participants reaching 71 when I graduated in 2002.  The following year I hit the road and was traveling the country for SigEp.  During the two years on the road, being away from Wichita was tough.  I had to rely on David Hopkins to help the pool along by picking up brackets in Wichita.  So after the 2004 season I was really ready to hang it up.  Then the digital age took hold of the pool.  Through the new connections I made on the road and really pushing the website we almost doubled the participation and topped 100 for the first time in 2005.  And it’s been on since then!  Last year we reached 915 entries and in its 25th season the pool looks to add some new touches to keep it new and exciting.  Follow my blog to learn more about the history of this great tournament pool.


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