This is the tournament pool you will enter this year.

Are you ready for a different pool experience? Join the 1700+ people have said “yes” over our the past 26 years. Part of your tournament pool entries go towards the future of basketball and our 63Games teammates. From the construction of basketball courts in Kenya to the funding of youth sports teams we do more than just brackets at 63Games. We are promoting the game, the culture, and positive environment of sports across the globe. Learn more about our history, our pedigree, and our unique game that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.
  • 1992

    Luke’s NCAA Tournament Pool. 8th grade at Pleasant Valley Middle School (Wichita, Kansas). 18 Entries. I thought it was just a small fad among us ball players (plus my dad and brother).  Seven of us played 2-3 brackets each.

  • 1997

    12th Grade at Heights High School (Wichita, Kansas). Popularity rose. After four years of high school we raised bracket participation into the 40’s. At $5 per entry first place earned over $100.

  • 2002

    After Wichita State Univeristy, the pool had grown to 71 brackets. Following graduation Luke left for a job outside of Wichita. With the help of 63Games Veteran David Hopkins Luke’s NCAA tournament pool continued locally in Wichita.

  • 2005

    With the help of 63Games Veteran, David Bayer, we ramped up the first website and pushed participation. Reaching 100 brackets for the first time in the history of the pool.

  • 2011

    The celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Luke’s NCAA Tournament Pool started with the new brand. 63Games. Over 500 brackets entered and the first $1,000 first prize was unveiled.

  • 2017

    The 25th Anniversary of 63Games.

I am so pleased that 63Games has added to your March Madness experience. The amount of life we have influence through the support of our 63Games Teammates and building basketball courts for the global community is truly amazing. I am humbled by the growing participation over the years and appreciate your shared excitement for basketball and having fun. Thank you for your continued dedication and support. Thanks for playing in 2018. Enjoy the games. And let’s get it on!Luke Luttrell, Founder

The shot of my life

At the Shockers last home game in 2005 I (Luke Luttrell) arrived at 6:45, normal arrival time.  It turns out I was unaware that Fox Sports picked up the game the day before and moved the game to an 8 o'clock start time for television.  Therefore I was an hour early.  That hour early put me in the right spot to answer yes to the girl who asked me to particpate in the Half Court Shoot Out.  The game was against rival Northern Iowa.  Midway into the second half I had a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I walked on to the court knowing that I could hit the shot.  When it happened it was instinctual to try and fire the crowd up for the remaining twelve minutes in the game.  Unfortunately, Wichita State got a punch in the gut with one second remaining.  Ben Jacobson of Northern Iowa hit a game winning three from the corner.