One game away from securing the 63Games Ring!

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63Games Veteran, Jimmy Spillman, is the favorite to become the 26th champion of 63Games.  In the past he has been no stranger to the leaderboard in the early rounds, but he has commitment issues with closing the deal on the top 15.  This extremely talented and loveable young man is extremely close to settling down in 2018.  To be sure he’s had his fair share of sins along the way, picking Virginia and Arizona… but so did over 70% of 63Games. With a Kansas victory over Villanova, he will be a lock for the championship come Monday night.  There are many great years ahead for this talented bracketologi… will this be the year that he finally decides to lock down as his first top 15 finish and possible championship belt?  And let’s be honest… he’s been waiting a long time for this… and when he commits to it… it will be the only one he needs.



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