• Brandon Kasel (1993)
    Brandon and I have been friends since I moved to Wichita in 1992.   That year we were both very big on our teams.  He was a UNC fan and I was a Michigan fan.  Needless to say, the championship game also determined the first winner of Luke’s NCAA tournament pool.  Legendary game for the […]
  • Ivan Gomez (1994)
    Ivan was a shoe in for his first victory by being the only one to pick Arkansas to beat Duke for their first National Championship.  He’s been dreaming of the top ever since.
  • Matt Steadman (1995)
    Matt is the consummate sports analyst.  He has a knack for seeing the game in a way many don’t.   It’s also not hard to believe that Matt works in sports radio today in St. Louis.  Matt played collegiate soccer at Webster University… but we all know his true love is basketball.
  • Matt Steadman (1996)
    The only back to back winner in the history of the pool.  Matt was on fire all year.  He was dropping shots from all corners of the court.  My favorite basketball moment with Matt was at the Derby Rec Center.  We drew a team of 5 older guys who had no reason to believe they […]
  • Luke Luttrell (1997)
    We were still a few years away from a website in 1997.  To ensure that I could play without fraud I would have every participant sign the back of my bracket when I collected theirs.  That year I had 40+ signatures on the back of my winning entry.  I’m sure someone is stilling call BS […]
  • Josh Oeding (1998)
    Josh has been an older brother type mentor to me since I met him in 1998.  Josh recruited me into Sigma Phi Epsilon, a decision that has had a tremendous impact on my life.  In 1998 he finished tied for first and won the first place money by tiebreaker.
  • Brandon Kasel (1999)
    Brandon became the second two-time champion in 1999.  He along with the entire pool failed to pick UCONN as the national champion.  It was also in 1999 that I was still highlighting all the brackets by hand but for the first time the standings were first printed and managed in excel.  
  • Neal Hoelting (2000)
    I met Neal when I attended Wichita State and worked in the admissions office.  Neal has been a rock in the admissions office at Wichita State for over a decade.  It’s hard to speak the name SHOCKERS and not think of Neal.  In 2000 Neal beat out me by 1 point to take the crown. […]
  • Marcus Barber (2001)
    In his debut appearance Marcus took first place.  Marcus has entered 72 brackets over the years.  That year he only entered 2.  Now I’ve enjoyed Marcus’ participation and donations  to the teammates but he might want to consider going back to the old method.
  • Eddy Brotemarkle (2002)
    Eddy kept Marcus out of a back to back championship in 2002.  Eddy has been in the pool for over a decade and is now putting on a great pool himself.  Checkout  I have entered his pool over the past six years and have yet to win.
  • Annie Creed (2003)
    No story here.  I just don’t have a picture of Annie.  So Apollo looks good and needs to be remembered for generations to come.
  • Richard Fisk (2004)
    Richard was another first time bracket winner.  That year the tournament pool had finally joined the internet with a web page.  In addition to that I was able to create excel entry forms that allowed me to standardize the brackets I was receiving.  Since Richard was attending KU at the time  he was able to […]
  • David Graziano (2005)
    David became the first non-Kansan to win the tournament pool.  For 13 years Kansas had dominated the top spot.  David is a St. Johns alumnus and is a self proclaimed know it all when it comes to basketball.  Or at least he was that year.
  • Luke Luttrell (2006)
    In 2006 I ditched the highlighters and markers and went to a digital scoring system I created in Excel.   I spent a long time developing it so I watched a lot of basketball along the way.  That year I loved what I was seeing from Florida.  And that year I picked them to win […]
  • Charles Johnston (2007)
    Charles became the second person outside of Kansas to win the pool and was also a first time bracket winner.  He’s since continued to put up good results and is one of the top contenders year in and year out.
  • Brandon Kasel (2008)
    Brandon became the all time champion in 2008 with his 3rd career victory.  I imagine that Cooper, his son, will begin picking brackets.  Great!  Now we have to be afraid of two guys from that house.
  • Trish Inslee (2009)
    Trish became the second female to top the standings in 2009.  The year prior she finished 2nd.  Putting together a strong two years that made every man in the pool question gender lines and if they should even enter out of fear of humiliation.  Trish is a die hard Shocker fan and watches basketball on […]
  • Mandy Pfister (2010)
    Mandy put the hurt on the first day of the tournament and never looked back.  She sat atop the leader board every day in 2010.  The first person to accomplish that feat.  She is featured as a correspondent this year and will dispense information on how to achieve greatness.
  • Diane Cline (2011)
    Diane forced me to eliminate all talk of gender in my pool.  For the third year in a row a female took the crown and proved that it is mere perception when it comes to gender.  She was one of only 4 people to pick UCONN to win that year.  It just so happens that […]
  • Tony Tempest (2012)
    Tony has coached high school football in Tulsa over the last 14 years and have recently became the high school assistant principal at Tulsa Union. The extra time allows him to coach his three kids sports teams and watch more sports. His wife Jennifer actually has a better winning percentage than him the last few […]
  • Joe Dieker (2013)
    It took Joe Dieker 7 years to reach the top.  First entering in 2007, Joe credit’s his success to long time friend and mentor, Denis Dieker.  “He’s where I draw all my basketball IQ from.”  Joe rode his Louisville pick to greatness even in spite of his final four pick, Alma Mater KState, not making […]
  • Ricky Lamb (2014)
    Ricky sits on the Mount Rushmore of friends for many of the 63games players.  Ricky is as solid as they come and it was fitting to see him earn his first crown in 2014.  Die hard Shocker fan… Die hard sports fan.
  • Mark Walker (2015)
  • 2016 – Adam Ybarra
    Adam Ybarra is a long time player celebrating his 10th year in 63Games.  He is a WSU engineering grad and a sports fanatic.  He loves rooting for the Shox but has been a Notre Dame fan since he was a kid.   He took control of 63Games with a second round 24 points.  He correctly picked […]