Best Bracket Name by E. Scott Thompson

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Is there a character limit for team name? No? You should really think about a limit to these, Luke. I mean it isn’t good to just let folks have free reign like this. For one, I imagine this will render on the website in an obnoxious manner. Column for name is all blown out to the far right and so forth. I imagine you could wrap text or truncate it, but let’s be honest. You’d know it. I’d know it, and the rest of the people in this fine tournament would know it too. It would be tough to swallow that kind of heavy handedness. Something I’ve wondered about WSU, and perhaps you could answer this for me, does the school serve gluten free options? Feel like that would be ironic, then again it wouldn’t shock me if that were true. Ok now for my picks.




Leave it to Scott, the finder of the right joke at the right time.┬á With the longest name in 63Games history… he ran away with the vote and forever secured a character limit on future bracket names ­čÖé

Scott Live in Chapel Hill and works for for a Villanova based tech company. He was in Villanova last year when they won and is in Chapel Hill tonight.

Favorite song: I predict a riot

Spend your bench cash wisely Scott!



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