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Entry is $10 per bracket. Unlimited entries are allowed. To begin your online tournament picks please select your donation method below.

Men’s Tournament

Enter brackets between
Sunday March 11th and Thursday March 15th

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Women’s Tournament Challenge

Enter brackets between
Monday March 12th and Friday March 16th

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If you are paying by check or in person please make your check out to 63games. Mailing address: 301 N. St. Francis, Wichita, KS 67202

To be eligible for prizes, donations must be received or arranged with 63games by 5pm Thursday, March 11th. After March 11th, a 10% reduction, per day, will be applied to prize winnings.


Custom Scoring

Unique upset scoring system that weighs risk and reward appropriately. View the details here. Learn more...

Unlimited Entries

Entry is $10. If you are torn on those few games that could go either way, enter more than once. Each bracket entered in the Men’s Tournament Challenge, is eligible for the main payouts and Bench Cash prizes.

Bench Cash

After your brackets implode, in the Men’s Tournament Challenge, stay in the game with interesting side prizes based on good picks, crazy picks, and pure luck of the draw. Everyone who enters a bracket is eligible. Learn more...


Stats – See where you rank all-time in everything from pick percentages to return on investment. Learn more...



Player Draft

An NCAA player pool is the perfect way to bring the individual athlete performance-based fantasy draft together with the most exciting event in sports. So whether you’re a die-hard March Madness fan, degenerate gambler or (more likely) BOTH!, join in.


The goal is to draft a team of participants in this year’s tournament that will score the most total points. You’ll obviously want to consider the player’s individual scoring potential, but also the number of games you expect his team to play.

Limited Space

Only the first 20 participants to sign up will get access to the draft.

Entry Fee

$20 per entry.

Estimated Payouts

1st – $150 2nd – $75 3rd – $30